Code Read Dyslexia Network

I have had the great privilege of meeting some of the most amazing Dyslexia advocates in Australia. Through this association I have been involved in the process of setting up a much needed national Dyslexia charity in Australia.

The following information is extracted from the first Code Read Dyslexia Network Newsletter Summer 2018 by Dr Sandra Marshall BMBS FRACGP Chair

This network is the culmination of almost three years work by a group of national and state dyslexia support groups, who saw the need to formalise our groups into one national not for profit organisation that could represent families and adults whose lives are shaped by dyslexia in Australia.

We became official at the end of 2017 with the generosity of many people and organisations, notably the marketing gurus Principals who generously provided our incredible branding and logo, Ashurst who helped us register our NFP and got us off the ground, BellChambers Barrett who have agreed to be our Auditors and our amazing financial backers including David Pescud (who then also joined us a Director) and all those amazing people who have donated to our Crowd Funding campaign, we thank you all!

In 2018 we have a target to establish a comprehensive dyslexia friendly website, continue to create alliances nationally with key bodies throughout Australia, continue to campaign governments, universities and schools for inclusion of dyslexia friendly (& evidence based) practices, establish a National Youth Ambassador Program, con- tinue our work supporting and being the voice of fami- lies and those living with dyslexia.

(Oh and sail to Hobart in a yacht race known as the Rolex Sydney to Hobart)

Our Vision

For all people with dyslexia to be understood, acknowledged , empowered and to have equal ac- cess to opportunity.

Our Mission

• We will raise awareness about dyslexia.

• We will support and empower those with dyslexia and their families.

• We will work with government and other decision makers to improve the education system and work- places for those with dyslexia.

• We will work to enhance the everyday experience of people with dyslexia.

Who we are

We are Australian volunteers who are aware that children with dyslexia are being unnecessarily dam- aged by the education system, as their needs are not being recognised and given the assistance they re- quire. We are not prepared to let the current situa- tion continue when the best practice approaches are already available.

· We include parents, carers, educators, health pro- fessionals and people with dyslexia. Who have all been impacted by dyslexia.

· We support people with dyslexia and their families and we seek to disrupt the current situation.

What we want

· Early screening and identification of literacy difficul- ties including phonemic awareness screening in Pre- school and Kindergarten and a phonics check in Year One.

· Educators that are knowledgeable about dyslexia and how to identify it. And using current evidence based teaching practices.

· Effective evidence based literacy instruction in schools and high expectation for all students.

With an official organisation comes costs to keep going. We would like to ask you or your Company to consider a tax deductible donation. We have an ongoing Crowd- funding Page where donations can be made.

Our Crowdfunding site can be found at:

and our bank details for direct deposit are: Code Read Dyslexia Network Australia Limited BSB 032582 Account no. 205853

Alternatively if you would like to contact us by mail our postal address is: Code Read Dyslexia Network,

PO Box 493, Curtin ACT 2605

The Directors and Founding members of Code Read Dyslexia Network include parents, carers, educators, health professionals and people with dyslexia. We have all been impacted by dyslexia.

Our Board of Directors/Founding Members:

Chair: Dr Sandra Marshall, Vice Chair: Carolyn Merritt, Secretary: Julie Hermansen, Treasurer: Jen Cross, Sarah Asome, Anita Hellevik, Susan Milner, David Pescud

Additional Founding Members:

Julie Mavlian, Tanya Forbes, Belinda Dekker, Heidi Gregory, Sandra Tidswell, Kelly King, Leanne James, Victoria Leslie, Elise Cassidy, Victoria Hipkin

Please checkout Code Read first newsletter and links below.

Summer Newsletter


Facebook page:

Twitter: Code Read Dyslexia @codereadnetwork

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Dekker Delves into Dyslexia

Advocate for the introduction of the phonics check in Australia. Advocate for the teaching of evidence based literacy instruction for every child in every school. The explicit and systematic teaching of Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension. Advocate for Dyslexia Awareness I support reputable organisations such as the Australian Dyslexia Association (ADA), Learning Difficulties Australia (LDA), the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), the FIVE from FIVE Project, and the International Foundation for Effective Reading Instruction (IFERI) AUSPELD and State-based SPELD organisations, as they all recommend the use of EVIDENCE-BASED TREATMENTS/PROGRAMS for learning difficulties. Mum to 2 delightful, amazing and creative kids. Mum to a kid with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia and anxiety. Admin of Dyslexia Support Australia Group, Dyslexia Awareness Australia and Dyscalculia Awareness Australia. Board of Directors SPELD NSW 10 Years a High School Teacher All my opinions are based not only on experience as a teacher, a mum and an administrator of Australia’s largest Dyslexia Support group but on research. I believe in the scientific method and the need for education to meet the same rigorous evidence based standards as the medical profession.

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